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Privacy Policy (Keynote)

Note ) The full version is in Japanese.

1. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

Aiming to provide better services for our customers, we acquire and use the personal information of our customers for the following purposes :

  • To examine the application for guarantee, to conclude a guarantee contract and to manage the contract,
  • To settle the guarantee debt (i.e. to pay guaranty money),
  • To provide information on and services of our other business,
  • To provide information on and services of accompanying or related operations of the business said above,
  • To provide information on and services of our affiliated companies’ business, and
  • To respond to questions and requests.

2. Handling of Personal Information

We have designated our Chief Privacy Officer and established a necessary system for personal information protection throughout the whole company. We take proper measures to keep personal information correct and updated. We also take sufficient measures against leakage, loss and destruction of personal information and unauthorized access to personal information.

3. Provision of Personal Information for a Third Party

We will never provide personal information to a third party, except in the following cases.

  • When the customer has given his/her consent,
  • When it is required by law,
  • When it is deemed necessary for the public interest, and
  • When we need to provide it for a consignee and the like in order to achieve the purpose of personal information.