From Procurement Organizations

What credit rating has EJCS got?
We have not got a credit rating. This is because we have little necessity to acquire one, as we have sufficient capital to keep our operations going and we are not a listed company which invites outside investments.
How long does it take for EJCS to pay the guaranty money in the case of an accident?
We will pay the guaranty within 30 days from the receipt of invoice.
What is the difference between the EJCS’s guarantee and a bank’s guarantee?
Our guarantee provides virtually the same effect with that of a bank.

From Contractors

Does EJCS give a guarantee for latent defect?
Our services do not include defect guarantee.
Does EJCS give a guarantee for private construction works as well?
Our business area is restricted under a law to public works. Therefore we do not provide guarantee for typical private construction works. However, construction works of certain private companies, such as electric companies, railway companies and expressway companies, are included in the “public works” as far as our guarantee services are concerned.
Does EJCS give a guarantee for construction works related to international development finance institutions such as the World Bank?
We provide guarantee for those works procured by the international development finance institutions which is invested by the Japanese government, such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the African Development Bank.
Can a foreign construction company obtain EJCS’s guarantee?
We will not reject a guarantee application on the grounds of the contractor’s nationality.
What are the guarantee fees?
Our prepayment guarantee fees are between 0.23% and 0.35% of the prepayment amount, depending on the level of the prepayment amount.
Our contract guarantee fees are between 0.45% and 0.72% of the contract guarantee amount, depending on the level of the guarantee amount.
You may notice that our fees are fixed by the amount of the guarantee, regardless of the period of the guarantee.
Is it necessary to provide any collateral or a co-signer when I intend to acquire EJCS’s guarantee?
We usually do not demand collateral or a co-signer.